Flaming Galahs

Flaming Galahs is an innovative initiative designed exclusively for students, leveraging Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to raise funds for university costs and enhance student life. Recognizing the potential of NFTs in the digital art and blockchain space, the project aims to engage students while fostering a playful and engaging online presence. I undertook this pro bono design project to create a vibrant and functional website, guiding the design from conceptualization to final mockups.


  1. Define Brand Identity: Establish brand colors, fonts, and an overall playful tone that aligns with the Flaming Galahs’ NFT assets.
  2. Stage 1 Design: Develop a teaser page to build anticipation for the project.
  3. Stage 2 Design: Create a comprehensive homepage with detailed project information and user engagement features.

Phase 1: Brand Identity

Brand Colors

Inspired by the colors of the Galah bird and the Australian outback, the color palette aims to reflect the natural beauty and vibrant spirit of the project. The updated palette includes:


Dark Red (#8A0000) – providing a bold and attention-grabbing CTA.


Sunset Orange (#F5AC56) – highlighting main headings with a warm tone.


Light Peach (#F9E2C8) – ensuring readability with a soft, inviting color.


Burnt Orange (#C76832) – creating a cohesive backdrop that ties all elements together.


I opted for fonts that are modern and approachable, enhancing readability while maintaining a playful tone.


Marvin: a bold, retro-inspired display font that adds a whimsical touch, perfect for headings and emphasis.


Poppins – a geometric sans-serif typeface that balances professionalism with a friendly appearance.
Stage 1 Design Image - a Galah's silhouette with Flying in Soon caption

Phase 2: Stage 0 Design


  1. Create excitement and buzz around the Flaming Galahs NFT project.
  2. Provide a glimpse of what’s to come without revealing too much.

Key Elements:

I opted for fonts that are modern and approachable, enhancing readability while maintaining a playful tone.

Hero Section:

Featuring a silhouette of the NFT artwork and the new brand fonts and color to introduce the project's new identity

Discord Link:

To start creating traction for the community
Flaming galah hero section

Phase 3: Stage 1 Design


  1. Offer comprehensive information about the project.
  2. Provide a fun and engaging user experience.
  3. Facilitate fundraising and community involvement.

Structure and Key Elements

The fully fleshed homepage design efficiently combines engaging visuals and intuitive navigation to create a seamless user experience. Starting with a hero section that captures attention with a custom cartoonified image, the page flows naturally into sections that provide a concise introduction to the project, explain its workings, and highlight its values and benefits. This layout ensures that visitors quickly understand the project's purpose and are encouraged to engage with it.

The use of interactive elements, such as an NFT gallery and a countdown timer, keeps users engaged while providing essential information. The clear and bold CTAs strategically placed throughout the page guide users toward joining the community and supporting the initiative. The comprehensive design includes detailed sections on tokenomics, the project's roadmap, and the team behind Flaming Galahs, building trust and transparency.

By combining these elements into a cohesive and visually appealing design, the homepage effectively communicates the project's goals and encourages user participation, making it a powerful tool for achieving the project's fundraising and community-building objectives.

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